Restaurants Trento and surroundings


Bedollo di Piné - Via Cavour, 20

Cuisine Dear guests, after a day full of experiences you are invited to regenerate body and soul with the pleasures of the Miramonti restaurant’s cuisine.

Terlago - Strada dei Laghi di Lamar, 44

Where taste meets practicality: at La Vallene, located in Terlago in the wonderful Valle dei Laghi, you will find the best of Trentino’s flavors. The restaurant is perfect for a quick lunch or a hearty dinner after a long hike.

Sover - Via Sveseri, 22

The name "maso" wants to be a testimony of the desire to offer the guests the typical friendliness and hospitality of the mountain people. The family management and the research of the best ingredients have always been the strength of the restaurant.

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Giovo - Loc. Maso Franch, 2

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Lavis - Via Nazionale, 33

The restaurant and pizzeria “La Piazzetta” of the Sartori’s Hotel gives all guests moments of intense conviviality among the welcoming rooms with a sophisticated design. Depending on the occasion, let yourself be captivated by the trentino wooden trunks..

Trento - Viale Adriano Olivetti, 6-8

Baselga di Piné - Fraz. Montagnaga – Via D. Targa, 1

Trento - P.zza Piedicastello, 4-6

Baselga di Piné - Via del 26 maggio, 65

Mori - Via F. Filzi, 46

Segonzano - Fraz. Scancio, 24

Trento - Loc. Ravina - Via Stella, 18

San Michele all'Adige - Loc. Grumo - Via G. Postal, 39

The restaurant offers mainly traditional food cooked with local products. With its romantic ambience and mouthwatering food offer, the restaurant Da Pino is one of the best restaurants in the whole region.

Brentonico - Loc. Crosano

Mezzocorona - Via Fratelli Grandi, 18

Faedo - Loc. Masetto, 8

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Mezzocorona - P.zza Chiesa, 29

Terlago - Loc. Covelo - Via Villa Alta, 9/A

Sover - Fraz. Montesover - Via C. D. Santuari, 3

Mezzolombardo - Vicolo Travaion, 8

Sover - Fraz. Piscine – Via Lagorai, 30

Mori - Via del Garda, 63

Trento - Via Dietro le Mura A 1/5

Mezzocorona - Via dei Camorzi, 17

Avio - Loc. Sabbionara - Loc. Erta, 2

Baselga di Piné - Fraz. Sternigo - Via Miralago, 43

Trento - Loc. Mattarello - Str. delle Novaline, 42

Trento - Via Don Arcangelo Rizzi, 11

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Trento - Loc. Mattarello - Loc. I Grezzi, 17

Trento - Via S. Croce, 16

Trento - Via dei Marinai d'Italia, 28

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